Numerous Apple iPads to launch later this year with 14-inch or 15-inch iPad a way off yet

A well-known Apple analyst predicts that this year will see the arrival of various iPad models, including iPad Pro variants based on the Apple M2. 

This year will also see the release of a new basic iPad, although the rumoured 14.1-inch iPad might not happen until 2024 at the earliest.

Additional information, including new Pro models, has been made public by Mark Gurman regarding Apple's upcoming iPads.

Apple is getting ready to introduce a 10th generation entry-level iPhone this year, as has been previously reported, but with only modest hardware improvements

Gurman claims that the Apple A14 Bionic chipset, which was initially utilised by Apple in the iPad Air 4 and the iPhone 12 series, will power this year's less expensive iPad.

Additionally, according to Gurman, the iPad (10th generation) would use USB Type-C rather than Lightning.

The only iPad in Apple's current lineup that uses the vintage Lightning connector is the entry-level device. 

Although the adoption of USB Type-C may result in some advantages of its own, such as quicker transfer speeds, the iPad (10th Gen) will suffer due to the A14 Bionic's selection.

 The A14 Bionic does not support Stage Manager while still being a viable chipset

 As a result, unlike this year's new iPad Pro tablets, the iPad (10th Gen) will not support some multitasking features within iPadOS 16.

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