Now turn words into art! New AI tool DALL-E transforms descriptions into artworks

A new artificial intelligence programme that enables users to generate images by merely describing them with words will soon be available to a million people, according to its developers.

DALL-E, a cutting-edge programme that generates images from textual descriptions, is currently undergoing a large-scale beta test by artificial intelligence research company OpenAI.

While the advent of AI has sparked concerns about the potential automation of jobs ranging from customer service to journalism

enthusiasts view the technology more as an opportunity than a danger.

On the company's website, a video introducing the tool displayed DALL-E creating images of polar bears playing guitar

koalas dunking basketballs, and the famous Mona Lisa painting with the subject sporting a mohawk hairstyle.

The company wrote in a blog post, "We've already seen users utilise DALLE to make music videos for young cancer patients, create magazine covers, and bring unique concepts to life."

A million people on a waiting list will receive invitations to test the most recent version of the tool in the coming weeks, according to OpenAI.

OpenAI stated that it collaborated with researchers and developers to incorporate controls to prevent abuses like DALL-E being used for deceit

amid worries that this and comparable tools could be misapplied in disinformation campaigns.

"We refuse image submissions with realistic faces and attempts to imitate famous individuals, including celebrities and public officials," the statement reads.

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