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Arcade Archives SPACE SEEKER, 16th Jun, $7.99) -"SPACE SEEKER" is a 1981 TAITO game that combines shooting and strategy. 

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In first-person 3D and side-scrolling 2D, the game pits you against waves of advancing enemy air forces as you fight for victory

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Archery Escape (Pix Arts, 25th Jun, $2.99) -Deliver pleasant monsters from the ropes they are chained to using your best abilities.

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To cut ropes, shoot arrows, but watch out for creatures. You will need to devise tactics to get past the obstacles in each level

Bike Jump (BoomHits, 14th Jun, $9.99) - Are you prepared to master the wildest bike stunts?

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Fly as quickly as you can as you descend the spectacular high ramp! Additionally, after jumping off the bike, get off and continue flying with your jetpack

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Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition (Nightdive Studios, 23rd Jun, $9.99) - 2019 November, Los Angeles With the science fiction classic Blade Runner, Westwood Studios

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 the company that introduced Real-Time to strategy games with Command & Conquer, introduces Real-Time to adventure games. 

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