Nintendo Ban few Naughty Words on Switch

The bad words list, which is, as the name suggests, a list of words that can't be used on the platform because they are naughty, was recently enlarged by Nintendo

we don't just mean that using them will get you banned; we actually mean that they can't be used.

What new terms can no longer be said?

Unfortunately, neither Nintendo nor the dataminers who discovered the additions while scouring the update's files for information do.

OatmealDome, a well-known Nintendo dataminer, tweets about the modification and notes that there have been a "huge amount" of changes, including racial insults and references.

OatmealDome tweets, "The only modifications are to the bad words list." Swear words, racial epithets, sexually suggestive phrases

Nintendo hasn't spoken a word about any of this as of this writing. As the update is a little dated, we currently don't anticipate this to change

The patch notes for the upgrade would have included information about the words that were added to the list if they had decided to provide that information

 Having said that, if Nintendo defies expectations and responds, we will make sure to update the story.

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