Night brawl: A full moon might outshine the ‘best meteor shower of the year’

The annual Perseid meteor shower will peak this week but the bright full moon might make it harder to see.

The Perseid meteor shower usually ranks among the year's brightest and most visible meteor showers, but this summer, it may have to compete for viewers with a rare full moon.

The Perseids are anticipated to peak this Friday and Saturday, according to NASA. Viewers can anticipate seeing between 50 and 100 shooting stars per hour at its peak.

The Perseid meteor shower, which NASA described as "the finest meteor shower of the year," peaks this year in mid-August, according to a blog post.

NASA wrote in another post on the event, "With rapid and dazzling meteors

 Perseids frequently leave extended 'wakes' of light and colour behind them as they dash through Earth's atmosphere.

With between 50 and 100 meteors visible every hour, the Perseids are one of the most frequent showers.

They take place during warm summer nights, making it comfortable for sky watchers to observe them.

There is only one difficulty, though. The full moon on Thursday poses a threat to diminish the significance of the occasion.

Robert Lunsford of the American Meteor Society noted that despite the full moon coming at the same time

the Perseid is anticipated to be in full flow and the spectacle will be worth watching for in an interview with Minneapolis NBC station KING.

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