Crossplay between Steam and Epic enabled by new dev tools

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Something to anticipate: The fragmentation of multiplayer communities may be one issue some gamers have with the growth of Epic Games' shop

If someone obtains a game for free on Epic, they may inquire about playing it with friends who purchased it on Steam

 The goal of Epic's new development tools is to solve this problem.

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Last week, Epic Online Services provided crossplay to developers in order to help them keep Steam and Epic gamers together

Any game using any engine can use the toolset since it is not a component of Epic's Unreal Engine.

Users' Epic and Steam accounts can be linked through the crossplay system, combining friend lists and game invitations

 Additionally, it has the ability to update without forcing users to patch the core game. Developers may select

Epic's crossplay facilities are presently limited to their client and Steam, but they intend to expand to more platforms in the future

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Along with Linux and macOS, that will initially cover other online PC game retailers

Epic's crossplay could eventually make its way to consoles and mobile devices.

Many games already support crossplay across all of these platforms, but this new endeavour might expand the reach of the functionality much further

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Epic Online Services SDK 1.15 includes crossplay.

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