See NASA’s visualizations of black holes for Black Hole Week

Image Credit:Big think

We're nearing the end of Black Hole Week, NASA's annual celebration of the monstrous cosmic monsters that eat light, matter, and everything else that gets too close

Image Credit:Nasa

 But just because they eat light doesn't rule out the possibility of black holes

 As part of the celebrations, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center's media department has published a collection of some of the best black hole visualisations

Image Credit:Nasa

so you can get a sense of what these mind-bending events are like.

The simulations and visualisations, which are now accessible as desktop and mobile wallpapers

 They contain a simulation of a binary system with two black holes interacting:

Image Credit:sciencealert

A visualization of a similar black hole binary:

An illustration of the disk of matter swirling around a black hole, called the accretion disk

which will eventual be sucked into the black hole once it passes the event horizon, as well as an incredibly hot region called the corona which sends X-rays streaming out into space:

A composite image showing our galaxy’s bustling center, where objects dance around the supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way:

a visible light image taken by Hubble showing the huge jets of energy given off by the supermassive black hole in a galaxy called Hercules A

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