NASA's new telescope shows star death, dancing galaxies

a bright scene filled with young stars. An image of a fading star in frothy blue and orange.

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Five galaxies are dancing in space. A fresh series of photos taken by NASA's potent new telescope and released on Tuesday illuminated the wonders of the cosmos.

A sneak preview of the first image from the US$10 billion James Webb Space Telescope, which showed a jumble of far-off galaxies

 galaxies that extended farther into space than humanity has ever seen, was shown at the White House on Monday to kick off the telescope's presentation.

The publications on Tuesday included images of the universe as seen by other observatories

They were, however, revealed in a novel way by Webb's immense strength, remote location from Earth, and utilisation of the infrared light spectrum.

After the reveal, NASA's senior Webb scientist and Nobel winner John Mather stated, "It's the beauty but also the story." "It tells the tale of our origins."

And, he added, the more he studied the pictures, the more certain he was that among those thousands of stars and hundreds of galaxies, somewhere, there is life.

With Webb, scientists are hoping to catch a glimpse of the first stars and galaxies, which created 13.7 billion years ago, only 100 million years after the Big Bang that gave rise to the universe

The telescope will also look for potential evidence of life in the atmospheres of extraterrestrial worlds.

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