NASA's new Moon rocket to launch as soon as August 29

On your calendars, note: The first test flight for NASA's Artemis programme to send astronauts back to the Moon might take off as early as August 29, the organisation said on Wednesday.

The United States wants to send people back to the Moon, establish a long-term presence there, and then utilise the knowledge acquired to prepare for a voyage to Mars in the 2030s

Artemis-1 is the first of a number of missions in this direction.

Jim Free, an assistant administrator for NASA, informed the media that the Orion crew capsule and the massive SLS had a first window of prospective launch dates

window of prospective launch dates of August 29, September 2, and September 5.

The choice was made after final ground inspections, or "wet dress rehearsals," at Florida's Kennedy Space Center.

The most recent of these tests, completed in June, achieved 90% of the team's objectives

 Cliff Lanham, senior vehicle operations manager, announced on Wednesday that engineers have now changed the defective seals that had led to a hydrogen leak on SLS during the final testing.

Artemis-1 will go around the far side of the Moon for four to six weeks

the longest mission time for an astronaut ship without docking, before returning to Earth faster and hotter than any previous craft.

It will also launch a number of CubeSats, or tiny satellites, to conduct space research.

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