NASA’s InSight Lander Detects Huge Rumble on Mars

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The magnitude 5 quake is the largest ever detected on another planet.

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Last Monday, NASA's Insight Mars lander detected a magnitude 5 earthquake on Mars, the biggest such tremor yet recorded on another world.

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The announcement comes less than a week after the lander confirmed the magnitudes and locations of its previous strongest tremors


The magnitudes 4.1 and 4.2 happened in August and September 2021. The violent occurrence on May 4 has now displaced them.

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According to Britannica, earthquakes with magnitudes of 4 to 5 are commonly felt but only cause modest damage

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InSight was launched to Mars in 2018 to investigate the planet's core, mantle, and crust, as well as the "marsquakes" that occur inside the planet.

Since then, InSight has recorded over 1,000 quakes, but none as powerful as the one that occurred recently and was detected by the lander's seismometer.

 Last year, NASA scientists used InSight data to get the most comprehensive view into the planet's interior to date.

As with last year's large occurrences, it may take some time for planetary scientists to learn more about the cause of the recent quake

This is because when a marsquake occurs, seismic vibrations are emitted, which reflect off the material on Mars

These reflections can disclose information about the interior of Mars, but they take time to unravel.

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