NASA’s CAPSTONE looking ‘happy and healthy’ after communications issue

After reestablishing contact with Earth, NASA's CAPSTONE cubesat is now "happy and healthy,"

bringing to an end the nerve-wracking 24-hour period during which the spacecraft was cut off from ground communications.

Each independently verified the reconnection on Wednesday: Terran Orbital, the business that constructed the cubesat platform

NASA, and Advanced Space, a Colorado-based corporation that built, owns, and operates CAPSTONE.

The ambitious NASA Artemis program's initial phase, known as CAPSTONE,intends to send people back to the moon by the middle of this decade.

The cubesat, which is about the size of a microwave oven, is designed to map out a novel lunar orbit known as a near-rectilinear halo orbit,which may one day be utilised for a lunar space station.

The "Gateway" space station, as NASA calls it, might lead to a vast array of new opportunities for human space travel.

Gateway might be utilised as a resupply station, a way station for longer crewed trips to Mars or beyond, or even to drop off rovers or people on the moon

But first, the organisation needs to gather additional information about NRHO, which is where CAPSTONE comes in.

A brief anomaly

One day after CAPSTONE was launched from Rocket Lab's Lunar Photon launcher, communication was lost. For the mission, Rocket Lab supplied launch services as well as payload delivery services

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