Criticism of NASA took aim at the wrong target

The Artemis I moon-bound rocket sits on Launch Complex 39B for a wet dress rehearsal test March 18 at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 

Even though they aren't always correct, post editorials are typically well-reasoned and logically supported

The editorial titled "Deteriorating (space) relations," which was published on August 8 and called for improved planning for the ISS phaseout, was incorrect on both counts.

Subscribe to receive a weekly collection of debatable concepts.For many years, NASA has been preparing for the shutdown of the ISS. 

Axiom Space has a contract for a personal space station. For a second space station that will serve private space companies and assist upcoming NASA missions

 three aerospace groups, led by Northrop Grumman, Blue Origin, and Nanoracks/Lockheed Martin, are competing. This preparation exemplifies creativity and thoughtfulness.

The overbudget, protracted, and poorly planned Artemis moon landing programme, with its single-use, expendable Artemis launch vehicles that cost $1.5 billion each launch

the troubled Orion capsule, would have been a much more appropriate target.

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