NASA to Send Climate Research to ISS via SpaceX Dragon Resupply Mission

For its 25th resupply services mission, SpaceX will launch a spaceship on Thursday

spaceship to deliver supplies to the International Space Station, along with a NASA payload for climate change research.

According to NASA, the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft will support its orbital laboratory-based examination of the makeup of Earth's mineral dust 

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dust and how the dust interacts with the atmosphere in relation to climate change.

Dragon will transport to the International Space Station studies on immune cells ageing

cloud top and ocean surface temperatures, as well as the potential use of concrete substitutes in future interplanetary dwellings

in addition to the Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation mission.

It is anticipated that the forthcoming resupply flight will carry 5,800 pounds of supplies.

According to NASA, the spacecraft will be launched from Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and remain in orbit for about a month before returning to Earth.

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