NASA shares incredibly crisp image of a nearby galaxy captured by new $10billion James Webb Space Telescope

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Nasa's new $10 billion James Webb satellite telescope has captured incredible images of a nearby galaxy.

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The official Instagram account of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration shared a high-resolution image of a nearby galaxy

alongside one from another telescope taken 20 years earlier.

Image Credit:scitechdaily

The photos demonstrate how far technology has advanced in recent decades.

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The James Webb Telescope is the most powerful telescope ever built, with construction beginning in 1996.

The James Webb Telescope, which cost $10 billion and took 25 years to build, was launched on Christmas Day last year.

The James Webb Telescope, which has 18 gold-plated mirror segments, can capture images with previously inconceivable resolution.

"Webb's photograph exposes tendrils of interstellar gas in remarkable detail," Nasa wrote with a photo of the Large Magellanic Cloud.

The image was compared to a photo of the same galactic region taken by the now-decommissioned Spitzer Space Telescope.

The quality of the James Webb image is a result of its enormous hexagonal mirror, according to Nasa's post.

"The primary mirror is the most crucial component of a telescope," the caption stated.

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