NASA scientists unveil 60-year-old mystery about solar flares, explosions on Sun

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The team at NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS) has a new theory that explains how the most explosive type of magnetic reconnection occurs.

NASA scientists have devised a theory that explains how solar explosions happen and can help anticipate geomagnetic storms and solar flares that can affect Earth.

Solar flares are caused by an explosive process called magnetic reconnection, which can release enough energy to power the entire earth for 20,000 years in just minutes

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 Scientists have been trying to figure out how this process works for the past half-century.

The Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS) team at NASA has developed a novel theory that explains how the most explosive type of magnetic reconnection

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 known as fast reconnection, occurs and why it occurs at a consistent rate.

Magnetic reconnection is a phenomenon that takes place in plasma, which is a highly energetic, fluid-like material that is extremely sensitive to magnetic fields.

Plasmas across the universe undergo magnetic reconnection, which rapidly converts magnetic energy into heat and acceleration, from flares on the Sun to near-Earth space to black holes

The new study, which was published in Nature's Communications Physics magazine, revealed how fast reconnection happens in collisionless plasmas

which are plasmas with particles that are spaced out enough that they don't clash with one another.

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