NASA is Planing To Find Clouds On Mars

Scientists and the general public have always been interested in learning more about the Moon and Mars.

 Space organisations from all around the world are carrying out their missions to look for signs of life on Mars

NASA in the United States and China's space agency leading the way

Scientists from NASA on Mars are investigating a problem with the Martian atmosphere. The unique aspect is that you can assist them in doing this as well.

For this, NASA has set up a project in its Juniors platform for citizen science.

 People will have the opportunity to observe clouds on Mars thanks to the "Cloudspotting on Mars" project. According to NASA, eyes make people simpler to recognise.

Mars once had rivers and lakes.

Lakes and rivers are thought to have existed on Mars billions of years ago. Mars' atmosphere was dense at the time

Researchers are trying to figure out how the planet gradually lost its atmosphere

To find and measure clouds on Mars, NASA has 16 years of data. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was used to get the information (MRO). Since 2006, it has been researching Mars

 The camera on board this orbiter captured numerous images of Mars

 These clouds have an arched appearance. The public is being asked to assist the NASA team in marking these arcs.

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