NASA Successfully Launches Its First Rocket On Australian Soil In More Than 25 Years

The Northern Territory's Arnhem Space Centre has been chosen by NASA as the location for its first commercial spaceport launch outside of the United States.

On June 26, shortly after the clock struck midnight, the rocket launched and started its voyage into space.

Arnhem Space Centre Launch 

On Yolngu territory, just outside of Nhulunbuy, is where you'll find the Arnhem Space Center.

It can launch up to 50 rockets, satellites, and spacecraft annually and is Australia's first privately operated space launch facility.

Astronomers and scientists will utilise the X-ray quantum calorimeter that was attached to the rocket to examine the development of our galaxy.

Due to Australia's exceptional location in the southern hemisphere, NASA is able to study and measure galactic phenomena that are only visible from this side of the world.

Natasha Fyles, the chief minister of the Northern Territory, also expects that the NASA-Australia partnership would boost the local economy and open up job prospects.

What’s next for space exploration in Australia?

NASA plans to successfully launch two more rockets in July in addition to this first one.

The two missions, which are set to launch on July 4 and July 12, will concentrate on how starlight affects the atmosphere of planets.

Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri B, two neighbouring stars, will be the focus of their search for potential habitable planets.

Australia has always been essential to our effort to comprehend and explore the cosmos.

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