NASA Joins Private SATCOM Providers to Upgrade Space Network

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NASA chose six US satellite communications (SATCOM) firms last month to develop and demonstrate near–Earth space capabilities that could aid future agency missions.

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In order to devote more time and money to deep space exploration and science missions, NASA plans to use private SATCOM networks and decommission its own satellite fleet.

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NASA expects to contribute $278.5 million in its (CSP) over a five-year research and demonstration phase, while the six contractors will commit more than $1.5 billion.

"We're using the agency's tried-and-true approach from commercial cargo and commercial crew services."

 We're able to stimulate industry to demonstrate end–to–end capability leading to operational service by employing financed Space Act Agreements

For a wide range of objectives, private organisations attempt to reduce costs, expand flexibility, and improve performance

 The goal is to provide solutions that could meet NASA's future mission requirements while also supporting each company's business model

future clients, and a burgeoning domestic commercial SATCOM market.

Inmarsat Government Inc., Kuiper Government Solutions, SES Government Solutions, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX)

Telesat U.S. Services, and Viasat Incorporated are the six businesses that have been awarded contracts.

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