NASA has set a launch date for Artemis, its new rocket for flying humans to the moon

The new Artemis rocket's launch date has been selected by NASA.

The effort to return humans to the moon and eventually Mars has been delayed and has gone over budget, which has given the space agency hope.

Today, NASA made a significant declaration. It set a date for the launch of its massive new rocket, which will eventually carry people to the moon. 

The launch of the first test mission, Artemis 1, which won't have any people on board, is significant and has been delayed, according to Brendan Byrne of member station WMFE.

According to NASA, the 300-foot-tall SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft will launch from Florida's Kennedy Space Center

The deep space ship and three mannequins will go on a more than month-long voyage around the moon and back, with three potential launch windows beginning on August 29. 

We're going to attempt to launch this spacecraft for the first time today. We'll exercise caution

We'll put in a lot of effort to fulfil the deadlines on those dates and will try our best to put ourselves in a position to be confident about them.

This launch is the first in a line of progressively more difficult missions that will attempt to put people on the moon since the Apollo programme more than fifty years ago

The vehicle's life support and heat shield will be tested as part of this pathfinder mission, known as Artemis 1. 

With astronauts on board, Artemis 2 will go along a similar path, and Artemis 3 will transport passengers to the moon's surface

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