NASA discovers the perfect cave to live in on the moon

It’s always 63 F in this lunar pit — the ideal temperature for a moon base.

A team of scientists supported by ANASA have found a lunar pit on the moon that is consistently 63 degrees Fahrenheit

suggesting it would be the ideal location for future humans to erect a moon base.

The difficulty: NASA intends to send people back to the moon as early as 2025 with the intention of establishing a permanent presence there

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As a result, it is hoped that astronauts will have enough time to carry out the necessary research for sending people to Mars and other planets in the future.

Finding a safe location for future astronauts to set up a moon base is essential to NASA’s exploration plans, but the moon is not a hospitable place for people. 

Astronauts will be exposed to around 200 times as much radiation as people on Earth because the moon doesn't have an atmosphere or magnetic field

Since the moon doesn't have an atmosphere, meteorite impacts there are much more powerful and swifter than on Earth, making space rocks and impact debris additional danger.

The day-night cycle on the moon lasts about 30 Earth days, so astronauts will also have to get acclimated to 15 days straight of light and darkness. 

Additionally, they will have to contend with the moon's intense heat, which can vary from a freezing -280 F at night to a scorching 260 F during the day.

Lava tubes, underground passageways formed more than two billion years ago when the moon was volcanically active

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