NASA Creates Moon Mosaic Comprised of 1,231 Images Taken by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

The LRO team looked for the optimum match of brightness and gradient while selecting each tile from more than 10,000 of the top quality LROC NAC frames

The camera team has released nearly one million gigabytes of image data since LRO's inception in 2009

all of it is accessible to the general public.

NASA is requesting the public to submit all of your Moon-inspired content using the hashtag #NASAMoonSnap

#NASAMoonSnap in advance of the impending Artemis I mission to the Moon. 

This includes, but is not limited to, your Moon photos, Moon music, and Moon nail art.

On our website, via our social media accounts, and during the Artemis I launch broadcast, we will provide a range of Moon Snaps.

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