NASA aiming for late August test flight of giant moon rocket

On the 53rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, NASA announced it’s shooting for a late August launch of its giant, new moon rocket.

On the 53rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, NASA declared that it aims to launch its massive, new moon rocket in late August.

As early as August 29, NASA will undertake the lengthy lunar test journey without any people, using only three mannequins

Before NASA would have to take a two-week break, there are two further launch dates in early September.

The test flight kicks off "our Artemis mission to go back to the moon," according to NASA's Jim Free.

The new lunar programme from the space agency is called Artemis after Apollo's identical twin sister from Greek mythology.

Following repairs from the countdown test last month, the 30-story Space Launch System rocket and its Orion capsule are now in the hangar at Kennedy Space Center.

During the numerous launch rehearsals NASA conducted at the pad, fuel leaks and other technical issues appeared.

On Wednesday, NASA representatives informed reporters that the issues had been fixed and that testing is almost finished.

However, they advised that due to Florida's unpredictable weather and potential problems

the launch dates could change before the rocket is scheduled to return to the launch pad on August 18.

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