We found another – and more massive – hole in the ozone layer

In addition to the hole in the ozone layer that has been there since the 1980s and is located above the Antarctic layer, 

Canadian scientists have discovered another gap that is in the Earth's tropics.

This "new" hole is around the same depth scale as the one in Antarctica, but it is located in an area that is seven to eight times larger

according to information revealed in the study published in the American Institute of Physics.

Half of the world's population resides in the tropics, which make up half of the planet's surface

According to Qing-Bin Lu, a climatologist at the University of Waterloo in Ontario

the occurrence of an ozone layer hole in the tropical region could result in serious global concerns.

Ozone depletion can result in increased UV radiation at the Earth's surface, raising the risk of skin cancer and cataracts in people as well as weakening our immune systems

reducing agricultural production, and having negative impacts on more delicate aquatic animals and ecosystems.

The study, which shocked the scientific community, claims that the mechanisms causing the expansion of the tropical hole are the same as those in the Antarctic region

the Earth's equatorial regions are already exposed to dangerous levels of ultraviolet radiation, or simply "UV," and the centre of the two fault lines contain about 80% of the planet's remaining ozone

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