Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Farm Eltalite Ore

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Eltalite Ore is something you'll need a lot of because it's one of the more often occurring minerals in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Here's a guide to farming it.

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One of the most prevalent ore types in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is eltalite ore, which is accessible via mining outcrops everywhere. 

It is required for various early-game armour sets as well as the initial node in the majority of ore-based weapon trees. Later on, it can also be used for other things.

Eltalite Ore farming is straightforward and takes place in the Shrine Ruins like some other farms we've talked about in other places.

Even though Eltalite Ore is rather common, you still need to choose the right place to farm it: a region where there are lots of accessible Mining Outcrops early on in the game.

Both are available at the Shrine Ruins. There is no need to concentrate on one type of ore because it comes from both blue and silver outcrops.

Your ideal farming route leads you directly north from the southern camp, through the first blue outcrop to Zone 5 and the mountains, where a second outcrop is tucked away at the top.

The final three blue outcrops are located in Zones 13, 12, and 11 to the north from there. When you return to your camp, everything ought to have respawned.

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The Lava Caverns are by far the finest place to farm Elatite Ore in later games.

You can also acquire Allfire Stone, and there are a huge number of Mining Outcrops. For a thorough farming route, use our Allfire Stone guide.

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