Microsoft working on removing the passwords login concept

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Microsoft earlier said that they will solve the spam issue in 2004 and now the company is working on login without password concern which will ease a lot of things. 

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Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, was in the news and was derided for claiming that "spam will be solved in two years" (in 2004)

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Gates made the statement to a small number of World Economic Forum participants in an attempt to gain their trust.

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Microsoft had a bad reputation at the time when it came to the security and reliability of its products, according to reports

 Furthermore, the company claimed to protect the customer against spam communications, which we received in large numbers every day

Gates' pronouncements may have made him a laughingstock in the market, but it all came to an end ultimately.

 It may have taken longer than the promised years to modernise the system, but the amount of spam was enormous.

The 'issue,' as described by Gates in 2004, was a massive influx of emails from various sources that used to drop in our inboxes every day

These emails are utilised to fill up a lot of empty space in our inboxes. This issue has been addressed by the company and is being addressed to some extent.

It's worth noting that, thanks to today's anti-spam technologies, email accounts receive very little spam.

At Davos, Gates would make the same announcement as before: "Passwords will be solved in two years."

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