Meteor spotted burning up over Washington DC skies

A fireball that flashed across the sky in the Washington, DC, area on Thursday delivered yet another stunning illustration of how little we are in the universe

if recent Webb telescope images weren't enough.

A meteor was sighted burning up in the atmosphere in West Arlington at 9:57 pm and was caught on camera by reader Richard Barnhill.

Richard Barnhill acknowledged to us in an interview, "I really wish I had a nice narrative like 'I was out walking my dog and then all of a sudden a bright light came in the sky

but unfortunately, not that dramatic. I was surfing through Twitter after my workout when I noticed reports of a fireball in the sky over Washington, DC.

So I made the decision to look at my cameras.

"When we are home, I place the spare Nest camera we use for the kids when we travel in a west-facing window of an upstairs bedroom. 

I mostly want to record sunsets and time-lapses of storms moving in from west Arlington toward the DC area.

But tonight, it just so happened to be pointing in the direction of the fireball! Guess I just had bad luck getting it!"

On the website of the American Meteor Society, the fireball was seen by numerous people from Harrisonburg, VA, and Thurmont, MD, through Martinsburg, WV, and Palmyra, PA.

The Washington Post claims that the fireball may have been a prelude to this weekend's peak of the Delta Aquariids meteor shower.

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