Meteor brightens up the sky above Sydney as peak meteor showers arrive

Keep looking up! This month will be full of shooting stars.

With six meteor showers anticipated to pelt Earth in the next weeks as the planet flies through fields of cometary debris, the height of the shooting star season is arrived.

A meteor that lit up the night sky over Sydney, Australia, on July 28 is depicted in the photograph.

 The Piscis Austrinids, Southern Delta Aquariid, and Alpha Capricornid meteor showers will be visible to Australians with a view of the southern sky

southern sky in the first week of August, in addition to the famous Perseids, which will peak in the middle of the month.

The peak of this year's Perseids, though, will coincide with the full moon, so only the brightest meteors will be visible in the lighter sky.

The other five shooting star displays in August will take place closer to the new moon and will benefit from a much darker sky, 

Only a few meteors from the Alpha Capricornids, which peaked earlier this week, strike Earth's atmosphere on average every hour. 

The constellation Capricorn, from where the show appears to come, inspired its name.

Originating in the constellation Pisces, the Piscis Austrinids are primarily visible from the Southern Hemisphere

There are only eight meteors in this shower every hour, which is likewise a very low number.

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