Massive solar flare on the Sun captured in epic new video

Image Credit:Indiaties

Andrew McCarthy, an astronomer, has acquired some stunning images of the Sun once again


McCarthy, who goes by the Instagram handle cosmic background, spent seven hours photographing the Sun in the hopes of capturing a solar flare

McCarthy was rewarded for his efforts with one of the most breathtaking solar flare videos we've ever seen.

Image Credit:indiatimes

You're in for a treat if you're a sky watcher or just like anything to do with space.

McCarthy was able to capture film of a solar flare erupting from the Sun's surface. It's a stunning sight, and one you probably wouldn't expect to see up near and personal.

McCarthy published the video on Monday, May 9 on Instagram. "Our Sun truly just popped off as I was watching!" he writes in the comments.

Image Credit:BGR

You can see a wonderful view of a solar flare erupting in the video, as well as a quick glance of McCarthy's setup

The astrophotographer was able to capture some beautiful images of the Sun with this arrangement

Our Sun is approaching the most active portion of its current solar cycle, which occurs every 11 years. As a result, we've witnessed an increase in solar flares in recent weeks.

We just had the most powerful solar flare in five years a few weeks ago. The Sun now produces X-Class solar flares on a very regular basis

 The Sun's most powerful flares are known as X-Class flares.

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