Strange Martian rock reveals Mars' wildly different past

Image Credit:fobes

Before, Mars was a very different place.

The NASA Curiosity rover recently drove by striking evidence of an ancient wet world

Image Credit:nationalgeographic

 despite the fact that the red planet is currently completely dry. 

The picture of the unusual rock, which appears to be made up of stacked layers, was taken by the car-sized robot

Image Credit:scitechdaily

According to the satellite agency, a boulder like that probably originated "in an ancient streambed or tiny pond."

A location where these streams and ponds previously conveyed red sediments through the terrain is encountered by Curiosity

Image Credit:geology

it winds up through the foothills of the three-mile-tall Mount Sharp. In the end, some of these sediments were stacked.

The Peservance rover, Curiosity's robotic brother, is currently traversing the Jezero Crater on the planet, which NASA believes formerly held a lake and river delta.

Image Credit:smithsonianmagazine

The robot contains specialist technology designed to find prior signs of microbial life that may have maybe existed on a wetter, different Mars, even if the water is all gone now.

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