Entry-level M2 MacBook Pro has a slower SSD than M1 model

Finally available in stores and in customers' hands is the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Apple's M2 processor.

While M2 outperforms M1 in terms of performance, it appears that this is not the case for storage speed.

 According to tests using the new M2 MacBook Pro, the M1 model's entry-level model has a slower SSD.

the new M2 MacBook Pro's base model, which has 256GB of storage

offers slower SSD speeds than the previous generation 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1.

Blackmagic Disk Speed Assess, a benchmark tool that allows users to test the efficiency and gauge the transfer speed of any internal or external storage on a Mac

it was used to conduct the testing. Surprisingly, the 256GB M2 MacBook Pro didn't perform any better than its predecessor in terms of storage speed.

According to tests, the SSD in the entry-level MacBook Pro M2 model writes data 34 percent more slowly than the SSD in the M1 model, but reads data up to a 50% slower rate.

M1 MacBook Pro: 2900 MB/s (read speed) and 2215 MB/s (write speed)
M2 MacBook Pro: 1446 MB/s (read speed) and 1463 MB/s (write speed)

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