The Bootids, Lottery Ticket Of Meteor Showers, Peaks Now

The Perseid meteor shower is the first celestial event of the northern hemisphere's summertime photography star-gazing season, but its peak is still a few weeks away

Fortunately, there are only a few warm-up acts between them occasionally so you can improve your skywatching skills.

An good opportunity to venture outside and try to see a Bootid meteor is available on Sunday night and Monday morning

The June Bootid meteor shower is regarded as a minor one that is weaker than the bigger famous showers, but if conditions are ideal in 2022

there is always a chance that the Bootids could explode.

The moon will be new on June 27, which means the sky will be dimmer and any meteors that do appear won't be washed out.

 This year's peak of activity for the bathe falls on that day.

The June Bootids are famously unexpected among astronomers. Most years

the bathe is faint and produces few, if any, slow-moving meteors that can be seen

 But every so often, we experience a Bootid outburst that produces a flurry of 100 or more visible meteors every hour.

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