Long-duration space flight affects astronauts’ brains, study

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It also forces you to think about some basic questions of science and how life evolved here on Earth.

During spaceflight, humans are exposed to harsh environmental stressors and return with changes in brain structure and intracranial fluids

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There have been no research on the impact of spaceflight on perivascular spaces (PVSs) in the brain to yet.

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The influence of long-duration space flight on astronauts' brains was investigated in a new study by Oregon Health & Science University

suggests that prolonged space flight changes the fluid-filled areas in the brain's veins and arteries. The results may have far-reaching repercussions for future space travel.

Before and after extended tours of duty on the International Space Station, scientists analysed the brains of 15 astronauts

Before and after the launch, they used MRI to quantify perivascular space in astronauts' brains, which is the space around blood vessels.

The MRI measurements were also tested one, three, and six months after their return

 The astronauts' photographs of the identical perivascular space in their brains were compared to those of 16 Earthbound control volunteers.

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