Here’s everything you need to know about tonight’s meteor shower June 26

It is now the time of the Bootids to brighten our sky after the meteor shower of the Eta Lyrids, Eta Aquariids, and Tau-Herculids.

 What meteor swarm is it connected to? When is the anticipated peak? Here is all the information an astronomer requires.

June's high point

The comet 7P/Pons-debris Winnecke's is what produces the Bootid meteor shower. Jean-Louis Pons, a French astronomer, saw this comet for the first time in 1812

 August Winnecke saw it again in 1858, according to Futura-Sciences.

This meteor shower, which typically peaks on Monday, June 27, at 12 am, will occur from the end of June (22/06) to the beginning of July (03/07), as it does every year

A minor oddity about this shooting star shower could have a big effect on how it's observed.

Slow meteors

Astronomers predict that the meteors will travel at a speed of 18 km/s, which is very sluggish by astronomical standards

But what distinguishes this shower from earlier ones is its unpredictable nature: the amount of meteors that can be seen changes significantly from year to year.

 As a result, it is impossible to predict in advance whether this occurrence would be magnificent, such as the Quadrantids.

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