Kiwis across the country braved the cold to take photos of a “beautiful” meteor shower early on Saturday morning.

The Piscis Austrinids, Southern Delta Aquariids, and Alpha Capricornids are three meteor showers that simultaneously illuminated Aotearoa's skies with breathtaking fire trails.

Before sharing their images of the event on social media, amateur astronomers viewed the cosmic light show.

Rochelle Steer, a resident of Hwera, was sick at home when she saw some meteor shower photographs.

Steer reported to 1News that she seen numerous meteors on Saturday between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. while sitting outside her home.

The shower, according to her, was a "wonderful diversion."

If I hadn't been sick with the flu, I could have sat there and watched for hours.

She claimed that the location of her home made it ideal for viewing these kind of celestial phenomena.

"It's a terrific opportunity to witness these kinds of things because we live in a town but look out onto rural area."

This weekend still offers an opportunity to see further meteor activity; starting at 1 am on Sunday, July 31, showers may be seen in the north-eastern skies.

Kiwis won't have to wait long to witness the latest showers again if they were disappointed about missing them.

When they pass over Australia and New Zealand in August during the Perseid meteor showers, there is a potential that a few fireballs will be visible in the sky.

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