It’s time for Apple to move beyond iPhone updates and transform our world … again

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The world’s largest tech company finds itself in a strange position raking in billions quarterly while offering mere updates to slick products

when the world is crying out for more innovation.

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Can Apple still innovate?

Despite being one of the world's most successful corporations, that nagging dilemma has plagued the company for more than a decade

It's probably due to the iPhone's unique, world-changing nature: if you create a device that truly impacts lives, people expect revolution with every new product launch.

With the publication of "After Steve," a look at how the firm survived after founder Steve Jobs' death, the topic of where Apple can go from here has resurfaced.

Apple, on the other hand, finds itself in an odd position, running on all cylinders, raking in billions but yet underwhelming bystanders

Despite the fact that the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch are still among the top or near-best in class in their respective categories

the notion that Apple would create goods that would alter the world has all but vanished.

So, what can Apple do to reclaim its capacity for historic success, not merely wonder and excitement?

The question is, admittedly, a little ludicrous. Apple is the largest tech corporation on the planet, and at times, the largest company ever.

It earned $97 billion in revenue and $25 billion in net profit in the previous quarter. That is a huge sum of money.

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