The ISS just tested a new way to take out the trash and it’s absolutely genius

In order to reduce future space garbage, NASA is trying a novel method of waste disposal on board the International Space Station.

Nanoracks created the system, which makes use of the Bishop Airlock on board the International Space Station. It was recently put to the test by Nanoracks and NASA's Johnson Space Center.

This new ISS waste disposal system is genius

The new ISS waste disposal system's simplicity is what makes it so intriguing and brilliant

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Although it requires some amazing technology to execute, the fundamental concept is as easy as tossing a rubbish bag out of a window.

A more efficient method

The new ISS waste management system allows astronauts to collect their garbage and store it in the Bishop Airlock until the advanced garbage bag that Nanoracks created is full.

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Up to 600 pounds of rubbish can fit within the bag. The station launches the bag into space once it is full, where it will burn up.

It's an intriguing concept that, in the long term, might improve the effectiveness of commercial operations in low-Earth orbit

They replace the existing bag in the airlock after it has been enlarged and expelled. 

Rather than needing to wait months for the Cygnus cargo craft to come in between missions, this enables the astronauts to store their rubbish before throwing it all away.

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