Apple's iPhones Might Soon Work Much Better Under Water

The capabilities of smartphones have greatly improved over the last 20 years

What began as a revolution in the middle of the 2000s with Nokia's (at the time) potent Symbian smartphones quickly gave way to the iPhone, which, after it debuted in 2007

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once again revolutionised the market. Not only did the first iPhone establish the design and form factor for contemporary smartphones, but it also fundamentally altered how people interacted with them

 In fact, it wouldn't be incorrect to say that all smartphones that came after the original generation iPhone, even Android phones, still bear a strong resemblance to it.

Future iPhone screens may still be usable when wet

Companies like Samsung and Apple keep their scientists and engineers busy working on new patents to push the limits of innovation

One of the most recent examples of this comes from Apple, which just received a new patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a system

How does the iPhone wet mode tech work?

The approach appears to include covering a smartphone's display assembly with a "protective layer" based on the innovation detailed in the patent (or any other smart device)

This layer is linked to the "touch detection mechanism" that Apple refers to

In essence, this is a capacitance detector that has the capacity to detect moisture on the screen in addition to measuring the force applied to the display.

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