Intel Core i9-13900K pummels the Core i9-12900K with an up to 46% lead in multi-core tests in early review

In the upcoming months, Intel's 13th generation "Raptor Lake" chips will make their public debut

According to reports, the chips have significantly improved performance.

The top-of-the-line Core i9-13900K has now been put to the test by a user going by the name of Extreme Player, and the outcomes are as expected

When compared to the Core i9-12900K, the CPU demonstrated a remarkable average multi-core performance increase of 40%.

The Core i9-13900K, Intel's anticipated 13th generation "Raptor Lake" flagship, has been extensively leaked

The chip only recently appeared on Geekbench. Now, a Chinese reviewer named Extreme Player has put an Intel Core i9-13900K qualifying sample through its paces

With a base frequency of 3.0 GHz and a boost speed in the range of 5.5 GHz and 5.7 GHz, the 24-core, 32-thread CPU was configured to 125 maximum TDP.

The processor was powered by a 1500 W PSU, an RTX 3060 Ti, and 6400 MT/s DDR5 RAM on an ASUS ROG Z690 Extreme motherboard.

A Thermalright AIO Frozen Magic 360 water cooler was in charge of cooling.

Finally, a 12th generation Intel Core i9-12900KF running at the same 125 W TDP was compared to the Core i9-13900K sample.

According to Extreme Player's tests, the Core i9-13900K outperforms the Core i9-12900KF in single-core workloads by an average margin of 10%. 

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