GTA Mystery: Forgotten Grove Street Participants in San Andreas

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Fans are familiar with the Grove Street families from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, although two of them are frequently overlooked

This is not surprising given how minor their function is in comparison to that of CJ, Sweet, Big Smoke, and Ryder

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There is cause to believe that initially they were part of far larger designs.

Two Grove Street members, B Dup and Big Bear, make an appearance in a cut scene in the first mission and then again in the second mission toward the end of the game.

Bee Dap abandoned Grove Street and joined Ballas to work as a crack dealer. By treating Big Bear like a servant, Bee Dap hooked him

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When their relationship is revealed, they vanish, but when they come back, the Big Bear promptly turns on Big Dap and reunites with the Grove.

Even Zero, the most despised job creator in San Andreas, had adequate screen time for his storyline.

 But even though this practically had no impact on the story

The voice actors for B Dup and Big Bear are one of the arguments for why they ought to have been larger

Big Bear is spoken by Los Angeles radio presenter Big Boy, and renowned rapper The Game provides the voice for B Dup

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