Google Stadia Party Stream Adds Quality of Life Features

The previous few months have seen a lot of conversations about Google Stadia

The business has been releasing announcements like crazy, and the most recent one introduces the brand-new Google Stadia Party Stream,

which gives platform users various new features that improve their quality of life.

The seamless streaming capabilities of Google Stadia are already well-known, but with this new upgrade, streaming is now simpler and easier than ever. 

The upgrade now enables gamers to switch effortlessly from one game to another, or even from one device to another, without interrupting the live

whether they are only streaming their games for a small group of friends or for the entire world to view.

Although the majority of Streamers opt to use other platforms like Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, or the like via OBS or Bandicam, there was a time when Google Stadia couldn't keep up

The issue was that you couldn't just switch between games or devices without totally terminating the broadcast

which meant that you would lose the number of viewers and the level of immersion of your friends or following

This has been fixed in the latest update, so players can now play one game while watching a video, become bored, and switch to a different one without needing to pause the stream first.

Furthermore, when you switch devices, a small window will appear asking you if you wish to continue the stream from the new device.

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