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Google Pixel's Game Dashboard is coming to Play Services — and maybe other phones, too

In addition to a stylish FPS counter overlay, game optimization options, a do-not-disturb toggle, and even live YouTube streaming functionality, 

Android 12's Game Dashboard feature debuted. Unfortunately, it was a Pixel-only feature; however, this might soon change

 Mishaal Rahman of has been investigating a series of hints that point to Google adding the Game Dashboard feature to Google Play Services

This shift from Google's first-party system UI components to a service used by a variety of manufacturers may herald the arrival of Google's Game Dashboard on other smartphones.

Since there were a few "feature declarations" that seemed connected to it, Rahman has been monitoring the progress of the feature in Play Services for the past month or two. Recently

he was able to activate the feature directly through Play Services, which would mean Google is almost done moving it across.

The Game Dashboard functionality made available through Play Services behaves and appears just like its previous iteration.

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However, it is still unclear why Google decided to migrate the capability to Play Services.

Several other manufacturers have introduced their own unique game modes and dashboards with comparable capabilities, but the feature is currently only available on Pixel devices.

It is possible for other devices to use the function if it is added to Play Services, which is present on any Android phone that has licenced Google's apps

 although it is not as straightforward as doing so if the feature is added directly to the Android AOSP code.

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