Games Inbox: Nintendo Switch 2 release date prediction, Monkey Island legacy, and Mega Drive Mini 2 pre-orders

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Although I wouldn't precisely call it a smoking gun, that information from Nintendo's most recent financials is very suspicious.

 But I think the mere fact that they haven't revealed a single new game for 2023 indicates that new hardware is on the way.

Since the Switch Pro should be backwards compatible, I would infer that the fact why the games are being withheld is because the Switch 2 is a full-fat Switch 2.

 I understand how crazy it is to anticipate Nintendo, but like everyone, I think they're smart enough to attempt and repeat a successful move

thus I think a May release date for Breath of the Wild 2 is a perfectly plausible bet.

If not now, when will it be? They cannot delay it past 2023 or 2024, thus I still predict that it will happen in those years.

Not so much because the Switch is too antiquated, but rather because technology has advanced to the point where a Switch 2 may represent a significant performance improvement

Consider a Nintendo hybrid console that is less than £300 and has the capabilities of a PlayStation 4. Please, yes!Korbie

All part of the plan

I'm very curious to see what they do with it and whether they'll stick with the classic Metroid "closed doors" design or give it a Zelda-like open world. 

The early Prime games had to do that because to technical constraints, but I'm not sure if that's because it's become embedded in how Metroid functions.Voltan

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