August's Aquarius Full Moon Was Made for Breaking Up, Breaking Free, or Breaking Down

Anyone born under the astrological sign of Aquarius is most known for being extremely cerebral and frequently contrarian

driven to bring about significant change, and the largest supporters of going against the grain. 

The sign's ruler, Uranus, who rules revolution, creativity, and electric change, is responsible for that futuristic, progressive, and eccentric vibe. 

they are just a few of the themes that will likely surface during this month's lunar event, which is ruled by the sign of Aquarius.

The annual full moon of The Water Bearer will be exact on August 11 at 9:36 p.m. ET/6:36 p.m. PT

This motivating time can help you strengthen your sense of self while embracing teamwork and unexpected epiphanies thanks to a push-pull between hardheaded and freedom-loving energy.

The full moon in Aquarius fuels eye-opening brainstorms.

Full moons offer a monthly opportunity to complete tasks you started six months or even two weeks earlier

Full moons occur when the assured sun precisely opposes the intuitive moon

They serve as turning moments, breaking points, and opportunities to let go of everything that is no longer helpful.

Additionally, because of this month's full moon's placement in the humanitarian, logical, and outgoing sign of Aquarius

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