On Thursday, July 28, a large fireball illuminated the night sky over Arlington, Virginia.

 Richard Barnhill's Nest Cam video of a bright light blazing across the sky from a west Arlington neighbourhood street

South central Pennsylvania also reported seeing a fireball, according to a Washington Post investigation

Although the peak of the Delta Aquariid meteor shower comes in late July, Storyful is unable to identify this fireball.

According to "a very preliminary solution," the meteor began in Northern Virginia, west of Washington, at 9:56 p.m. and moved north into Pennsylvania at a speed of 62,000 mph.

Witnesses described the fireball as brilliant and ranging in colour from green to white.

A Pennsylvanian who saw it once described it as looking like a "glowing train, like it was on fire" in a report to the American Meteor Society.

Others claimed the flame trailed green sparkles and sparkled at the end.

Several thousand fireballs enter the Earth's atmosphere every day, according to NASA, and they are defined as brighter-than-usual meteors. 

Since they take place in remote locations or throughout the day, the majority go unnoticed.

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