FACEBOOK Messenger and Instagram are down, leaving thousands of users unable to use the apps properly.

The issues with both apps were reported around 11 am EST on Tuesday.

Why is Facebook Messenger down?

A technical problem has caused Facebook Messenger to be unavailable.

According to Down Detector, more than 3,200 users have complained about problems with the messaging service.

The sending and receiving of messages was problematic for over 89 percent of users.

Why is Instagram down?

Since Messenger and Instagram have both been down since roughly the same time, it is possible that Meta, the company that owns both of them, is to blame.

A second Down Detector report indicated that 2,100 people had issues with Instagram.

About 79 percent of users reported having issues with the app, while 12 percent reported being unable to log in.

9 percent more claimed they were unable to access the app on the website.

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