Everything to Know About August's Sturgeon Supermoon, Including When It Peaks and How to See It

Don't worry if you missed the first three supermoons of 2022; the fourth and last lunar event is just around the corner.

Due to the massive quantity of concurrent celestial activity on the evening of August 11

it will undoubtedly be a thrilling night for both lunar lovers and astronomy enthusiasts

 In particular, it is anticipated that the full moon will pass near by Saturn and radiate in the midst of active meteor showers.

This month's full moon, known as the "Sturgeon Moon," occurs amid the Perseid meteor shower, which NASA calls "the finest meteor shower of the year."

The Perseid meteor shower began on July 17 and will continue to be active until August 24, even though it peaks on August 13.

Although the meteor shower offers no hazard to seeing the lunar display, the full moon's strong brightness may make it harder to see shooting stars 

Fortunately, either direction will witness a breathtaking celestial display!

Here is all the information you need to know about the whole phase of the Sturgeon Supermoon in August, including when it will peak and how it acquired its name.

Why is August's full moon called the Sturgeon Moon?

The sturgeon, which was easily fished during this time of year in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain, inspired the name of the August full moon. 

The largest freshwater fish in North America is the sturgeon.

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