The Eta Aquarid meteor shower is the legacy of Halley's Comet in May's night sky


In a way, I guess you can call them "rock stars," but eventually, they fall down to Earth.

Are you familiar with Halley's Comet? The last time this renowned item was seen was 36 years ago, in 1986.

The birth of a meteor shower

Meteoroids are the shards of comets' nucleus, or solid core, that have been completely or partially split apart

Image Credit:thenewyorktimes

Small swarms of particles, about the size of pebbles and sand grains, either come from comets or were formed by them

These particles tend to stick close to the comet's orbit and follow it.

The material is initially "bunched up," but it eventually spreads out along the orbital path of the parent comet

 Cometary debris is scattered more or less uniformly along the orbit of the parent comet if the swarm of particles is old enough

 To put it another way, the meteoroids are uniformly scattered during their orbit around the sun.

As a result, when the Earth crosses the orbit of the parent comet (or passes very close to it), it will cause the parent comet's orbit to be disrupted

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