Microsoft's Xbox Now Allows Discord Voice Chats in Game Consoles, First for the Industry

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The integration of Discord's voice chat with Microsoft's Xbox makes it the first gaming console in the world to enhance player connections online and with friends

Users may still connect and communicate without using keyboards even if a particular title lacks voice chat tools or functions.

Microsoft's Xbox Now Available with Discord's Voice Chat

Discord and gamers are "going to get closer,"

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according to an announcement made by Xbox on Twitter, and this is due to the recent initiative that brought voice chat features to the console

All users have access to the new function, which will make it easier for everyone to communicate with friends, family, and coworkers through the communications tool.

According to Microsoft's Xbox Blog, this new endeavour is bringing friends and communities together and will open up a new communications channel

that will make it easier for everyone to engage with colleagues and other people

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It would also include a few Discord features onto Xbox, making it the first platform in the entire globe to provide this.

Discord Voice Chat: Is It a Good Feature for Gaming?

Most gamers utilise the Voice Chat function of Discord to communicate with other players or communities both within and outside of a game or experience. 

This tool is free for everyone to use. Gaming-friendly Discord is sometimes operated in the background while PC users prioritise their games.

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