A 77-million-years-old dinosaur skeleton is auctioned off in the United States this month

 the price could reach $US8 million ($A12 million).

On July 28, Sotheby's in New York will put up for auction the entire fossilised skeleton of a Gorgosaurus, which was more than three metres in height and six metres in length.

This tyrannosaurid carnivore was discovered in Montana in 2018 and existed in western North America during the late Cretaceous.

All other specimens of the species are kept in museums and other institutions, making it the sole example of the species that is accessible to individual collectors.

The Gorgosaurus had several traits with its better renowned cousin, the Tyrannosaurus rex, including huge skulls 

 a mouthful of curved and serrated teeth, and short two-fingered forearms.

The Tyrannosaurus rex, on the other hand, lived approximately 10 million years later.

According to Sotheby's, a male mature Gorgosaurus weighed up to two tonnes, and some palaeontologists believe it was faster, even more fierce, and had stronger jaws than T. rex.

According to the auction house, who highlighted the "immaculate" condition of the skeleton as a result of the peculiarities of the habitat where the fossil was located

the specimen to be auctioned was, at the time of its death, a huge adult, and its cranium was notably well preserved.

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