'Cuphead' Finally Released Its New DLC Expansion — Does It Include Online Multiplayer?

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Cuphead is still in use many years after its initial release. The shoot 'em up 2D platformer was first released in 2017, and instead of typical game graphics

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it uses hand-drawn animations. It received a lot of accolades for its hard and satisfying gameplay that served as a love letter to the heyday of animation

A cameo as a costume in Super Smash Bros., an animated series on Netflix, and a new DLC expansion released in June 2022 are all ways that Cuphead's legacy lives on.

The game has a tonne of bells and whistles, but players are unsure if internet multiplayer is included

There are already some multiplayer features and a number of playable characters in the game. But are players able to connect online?

Is 'Cuphead' online multiplayer?

In the animated film Cuphead, the title character and his brother Mugman get themselves into trouble. 

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They are compelled to collect the contracts of the Devil's other debtors in order to clear their slates after losing a wager to the Devil in which their souls were at stake.

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The youngsters must battle a long list of outrageous and bizarre bosses while attempting to outwit the Devil behind his back.

The game is well recognised for its rage-inspiring bosses and last-second reaction-friendly gameplay.

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